Seven Romantic Road Trips for an Adventurous Honeymoon

Want to do something different for your honeymoon, then why not feed your sense of adventure and take to the road for an epic honeymoon?

Want to do something different for your honeymoon, then why not feed your sense of adventure and take to the road for an epic honeymoon? Create unforgettable memories in these seven destinations around Europe and explore by cosy campervan and rise with the sun in a different romantic location every morning.

Yescapa offers seven romantic drives; whether you’re looking for glistening coastlines, pastel-coloured villages, historical palaces or characterful restaurants, familiarise yourself with some of Europe’s understated boltholes perfect for the celebration of love…

Under the Mediterranean sun in Menorca
Discover the unique villages of small white-washed houses, large sandy beaches, bordered by crystal blue water and breath-taking marinas. Soak up the flavours of the sea with delicious Spanish cuisine in some of the charming local restaurants. Stop by the town of Ciutadella to explore the magnificent historical palaces and don’t miss the chance to take in the beautiful coves and striking lighthouses that make this quiet Balearic island ideal for a romantic stay.

The Andalusian warmth in Granada, Spain
Granada is a captivating mix of nature and culture. Drive through stunning acres of olive tree fields and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Take advantage of this unique part of Spain with a trip to the Alhambra, relax in one of the famous Al-Andalus hammam, taste some amazing tapas, discover the surroundings of the traditional villages in Ronda, Seville and sunbathe on the lovely beaches of Andalusia.

The Italian charm of Tuscany, Italy
This region breathes romance with the stunning cities of Florence, Pisa and Siena all within driving distance of each other. Climb to the top of Campanile de Giotto and have your breath taken away by the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence. Treat your loved one to some unforgettable memories by sampling Italian cuisine at its finest with a sumptuous plate of pecorino and prosciutto accompanied by a glass of chianti on the terrace of an authentic trattoria, stroll hand in hand down the cobbled streets of Pisa to the leaning tower or get lost in the Florentine gardens.

The real-life fairy-tale of Hallstatt, Austria
Drive to the small magical Austrian village of Hallstatt to experience a real-life fairy-tale romance. Nestled on shores of Lake Hallstätter, it’s the ideal enchanting setting for a romantic motorhome honeymoon. Wander through the flower-filled streets discovering pastel-coloured facades and charming squares. View the whole village from the chapel or even take a cycle ride around the enthralling lake, a chance to slow the pace and breath in nature.

The sunsets of Oia, Santorini, Greece
Perched on the edge of a cliff, the small village of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini is full of myths and legends, and the lost underwater city of Atlantis is rumoured to be nearby. Along with stunning views over the Caldera, and an island dotted with picture-perfect blue and white villages. It really is the breath-taking sunsets that make this island perfect as a honeymoon destination, enjoy a romantic dinner on one of the many restaurant terraces – considered one of the most beautiful spots of the Mediterranean! Diving in the area is also well worth it.

Dramatic rugged scenery Tenerife, Canary Islands
From vibrant, culture-loaded cities to beautiful historic beachside towns, Tenerife presents a variety of escapes. Located on the north side of the island, San Cristóbal de La Laguna is considered to be the culture capital of the island. The town boasts a spectacular blend of 16th century buildings, beautiful palaces and palm trees. Not far from La Laguna is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where you can expect golden sandy beaches with a postcard-perfect backdrop of the Anaga mountains and the Teide National Park. Ideal for a romantic hike.

Electric Gironde, enjoy world-class waves and wine in France
Satisfy your thirst for adventure with a superb beach break surfing on the straight coastline of Gironde. The south-west of France is bursting with magical spots to catch waves and enjoy the lively Atlantic current such as Biarritz. During your trip take time to explore further up the coastline to the majestically historic town of Bordeaux and unwind with a glass of world-class wine.