Seven of the World’s Best Nude Beaches

There have been discussions recently over the benefits of naturism, and while everyone has a different opinion on naturism, studies don't lie!

Unrestricted movement, reduced stress, increased self-acceptance, and happiness are some of these benefits, and since holidays are all about being free and letting go – why not add this unique experience to your New Year’s resolutions?

The experts from Nude Life have given their list of the best nude beaches around the world to check out. Whether you’re a nudist or completely new to naturism, the following list will give you some inspiration for your next holiday destination.

1) Samurai Beach, Australia
Located next to the One Mile Beach and the National Parks of Tomaree, Samurai Beach is at advantage location and beauty wise, not to mention the extra perk of skinny dipping. While it’s a beautiful place to discover, you must know that because of its location there is a possibility of running into some of the park’s wildlife animals, so keep that in mind while visiting.

2) Spiaggia di Guvano, Italy
This small shoreline beach is in no way comparable to the tourist-packed Riviera’s beaches, but it’s a place worth visiting. To get there you will need to walk through the rocky pitch-black tunnel of the mountainous of Cinque Terre. Remember that due to the secluded location and dangerous route not many tourists visit this area.

3) Paradise Beach, Mykonos
Nothing truly tops naked party beaches like the Paradise Beach in Mykonos! The party never stops day to night. Known as one of the world’s most popular gay destinations, this beach offers the monthly full moon party, which is as wild as you’d imagine from a nude beach in Mykonos.

4) Gunnison Beach, New Jersey
The largest nude beach on the East Coast, located at the National Parks system and next to NYC, the Gunnison beach offers some spectacular views of Brooklyn and the Verrazano Bridge. Previously an Army testing site, it was able to escape New Jersey’s state laws banning nudity on beaches because its controlled by the NPS- who are exempt from these laws.

5) Black’s Beach, California
Located beneath the high cliffs of Torrey Pines, Blacks has been California’s favorite tanning and surfing beach for over 50 years and was previously the only clothing-optional beach in the United States.

6) Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barts
Although beach nudity is technically prohibited in St. Barts- one of the few places on the islands where public nudity is tolerated is Anse de Grande Saline aka Saline Beach. As it’s extremely sunny with no shade to speak of, visitors will need to carry their sunscreens with them. Next to the beach within a walking distance is the beautiful French restaurant L’Esprit which is a place worth visiting. Just remember to be clothed as nudity is not acceptable outside the beach.

7) Little Beach, Hawaii
Bounded by ancient lava flows and supported by a volcanic cinder cone, Little Beach is an extremely unique place. It’s extraordinary location makes it one of the most beautiful beaches, it is located within the Makena State Park and overlooks a national marine sanctuary known for its sea turtles, whales, tropical fish, and dolphins. On Sunday you can enjoy witness fire dancers and drum circles on as part of the entertainment schedule provided in the area.