Revealed: The Top 10 Nudist Beaches in Europe

Playa de Ses Illetes in Spain is the top nudist beach in Europe, with a rating of 4.8 stars on Google

We all feel an overwhelming sense of happiness when we’re at the beach: the salty ocean breeze, the sound of the waves and the sun on our skin makes us feel more connected to nature.

But for some people, the feeling of being in nature is only complete if it’s enjoyed in our natural state: naked!

In the spirit of feeling free, OnBuy sought to find the highest rated nudist beaches in Europe according to Google*.

The Results:

  1. Playa de Ses Illetes, Spain
  2. Knoll Beach, England
  3. Valalta Beach, Croatia
  4. Playa de los Muertos, Spain
  5. Adegas Beach, Portugal
  6. Porto Ferro, Italy
  7. Gigaro Beach, France
  8. Little Banana Beach, Greece
  9. Buhne 16 , Germany
  10. Bredene Beach, Belgium

The Highlights:

  • Playa de Ses Illetes – Spain (4.8 stars): The stunning Playa de Ses Illetes in Spain tops the list with 4.8 stars on Google. Although close to the crazy-party island of Ibiza, the beach’s limited access gives nude visitors privacy to enjoy the crystal clear water and dazzling white sand of this hidden spot!
  • Knoll Beach – England (4.7 stars): The 4.7 stars make Knoll in England the second best nudist beach in Europe. With 900m of sandy beach that stretches across the north coast, it provides visitors with a dedicated gay section and local naturist B&B if you feel like being in your birthday suit for a few days.
  • Valalta Beach – Croatia (4.6 stars): The soft sand of Valalta Beach is rare in Croatia, making this beach even more unique and the top 3 nudist beach, with 4.6 stars on Google. If you’re looking for a nude family holiday, this beach is the best naturist destination for you: Valalta is a family-orientated campsite!
  • Buhne 16 – Germany (4.2 stars): Surprisingly, Germany hides a naturist paradise in the North Sea Island of Sylt: Buhne 16 comes in ninth place with 4.2 stars. Wearing clothes on this beach is optional, but despite the chilly weather, naturists love to cast their swimsuits aside in this secret spot and watch the breathtaking sunset on the German coast.
  • Bredene Beach – Belgium (4.2 stars): Another unexpected gem makes the top 10 of the highest rated nudist beaches. Bredene is the only nudist beach on the Belgian coast and has 4.2 stars on Google. The dunes and golden sand create beautiful landscapes, ideal for a peaceful getaway to be enjoyed au naturel!