Revealed: The Most Commonly Searched Christmas Getaways

"Christmas getaway" is googled 2,900 times a month with Barcelona the most commonly searched location and Budapest, Prague and Paris making the top five!

The term “Christmas getaway” is googled by 2,900 UK holiday makers every MONTH. This only goes to prove that the public are taking to the internet to discover the dreamiest of locations to escape to during the holidays.

Airport transfers company wanted to take a look at the Christmas getaways in Europe most commonly searched by travellers using Google search volumes.

To achieve this, inputted 100 of the most popular Christmas holiday destinations in Europe – from Barcelona (Spain) to Avignon (France) and Brixen (Italy) – in the keyword analytics section of online visibility and marketing tool SEM Rush.

The 10 most commonly searched Christmas holiday destinations are:

Location Monthly                                   Search Volume
Barcelona (Spain)                                           450,000
Budapest (Hungary)                                       165,000
Prague (Czech Republic)                               135,000
Paris (France)                                                  135,000
Vienna (Austria)                                              90,500
Berlin (Germany)                                            74,000
Malaga (Spain)                                                74,000
Dubrovnik (Croatia)                                       74,000
Brussels (Belgium)                                         60,500

Barcelona is the most commonly searched location, at 450,000 searches a month. Followed by Budapest and Prague (165,000 and 135,000 searches respectively.)

On the other hand, if big crowds isn’t your thing, Taxi2Airport compiled the 10 least commonly searched Christmas holiday destinations, for those who would rather discover a rare gem:

Location                                                    Monthly Volume Search
Dordrecht (Netherlands)                            1,900
Braunschweig (Germany)                           1,900
Erfurt (Germany)                                         1,600
Valkenburg (Netherlands)                          1,600
Rudesheim (Germany)                                1,000
Montbeliard (France)                                     880
Hasselt (Belgium)                                           880
Worms (Germany)                                         480
Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium)                      390
Brixen (Italy)                                                   320

Home of the largest Christmas market in The Netherlands, Dordrecht tops this table, and is googled by 1,900 UK travellers every month. Followed by Germany’s Braunschweig and Erfurt (1,900 searches apiece.)

Valkenburg is home to the largest and most visited Christmas market.


1. Plan in advance
You’ll have a relaxed – and considerably cheaper – trip if you plan and book in advance. Remember: avoid festive price hikes!

2. Check the weather
You can’t control this part of your journey, but you can check the forecast regularly in the run-up to your trip.

3. Embrace local traditions
In Europe, Christmas traditions range from panettone by candlelight (Italy) to beating the Christmas log (Spain) and meat-free meals on Christmas Eve (Germany.) Take part!

4. …and your own!
Even if you travel away for Christmas, it’s a good idea to celebrate home traditions too. Why not bring along your favourite Christmas board game?

5. Transport gifts with care
If you are travelling with gifts, or plan to buy from abroad, always check customs and import regulations and be careful not to exceed allowance. Top tip: woolly jumpers make great bubble wrap!