Psychologists Reveal the Top Causes for Travel Anxiety Post-Pandemic and How To Manage It

To help hopeful holiday-lovers get on top of the obstacles and have a stress-free time, Corona Test Centre has looked at the top searches across the UK and abroad relating to coronavirus

To help hopeful holiday-lovers get on top of the obstacles and have a stress-free time, Corona Test Centre has looked at the top searches across the UK and abroad relating to coronavirus.

Covid symptoms and PCR tests are the top searches relating to travel stress post-pandemic

From being uncomfortable in new surroundings, feeling anxious about the trip going smoothly and getting the correct Covid tests in time, travel can make anyone feel anxious.

The Corona Test Centre analysed the top elements of travel that the public is most concerned about by cause, and monthly global search volumes, and compiled a list of top tips to ensure a safe and stress free travel experience.

  1. Covid symptoms, 1,970,000
  2. PCR test, 1,000,000
  3. Social distancing, 313,000
  4. Hygiene, 205,000
  5. Antigen test, 89,000
  6. Antibody testing, 43,000
  7. Waiting for Covid Tests, 36,000
  8. Negative thoughts, 12,000
  9. Fear of Flying, 8,500
  10. Home test kit, 6,600

Covid symptoms – With 1,970,000 global searches each month, covid symptoms are the most stress-inducing element of travel for the public. The main symptoms are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste so if you have any of these symptoms, seek out the current government guidance, and start by getting a PCR test and self-isolating.

PCR test – Each month, PCR tests sees more than 1,000,000 global searches. Waiting for and booking Covid tests from unknown providers can cause significant psychological stress. PCR tests, Fit to Fly tests and 2nd and 8th day tests are among the range of new testing requirements for travelling in 2021. To avoid anxiety around these, always book in advance and choose a trusted coronavirus testing clinic such as Corona Test Centre where tests are administered by medical professionals to ensure you are in good hands.

Social distancing – Social distancing can be more difficult in crowded areas after a reduced social interaction between people in lockdown. Give yourself extra protection by continuing to wear a mask and trying to stay as far away from people as possible.

Hygiene – From hand washing to sanitiser, hygiene has been an imperative part of managing the spread of the Covid-19 virus so it’s unsurprising that 205,000 people search it each month. You can keep yourself protected by maintaining a regular hand washing routine, and always carrying hand sanitiser and a spare face mask.

Antigen test – Lateral flow tests are a great way to get a rapid result in just 30 minutes if you’re feeling stressed about having the virus.

Antibody testing – Antibody tests are helpful to give us a better understanding of the virus in different places, but these tests are not used for diagnosis, and shouldn’t be your go-to choice if you’re trying to clear yourself for travelling safely.

Waiting for Covid Tests – Waiting for Covid test results can cause psychological stress. It’s important to realise that while you can’t control the results of their test, you can control how you deal with the waiting time and the result.

Negative thoughts – It’s easy to fall into a cycle of negative thoughts during this stressful period, but you should try to avoid dwelling on difficulties. If you find yourself regularly focused on the negatives, consider reaching out to a mental health professional or trusted friends and family for support.

Fear of Flying – Not all fears with travel are directly related to coronavirus. After a period of not travelling, it can be worrying getting back on a plane. Breathing exercises and meditation can help support with any stress you may be experiencing.

Home test kit – Home test kits are a great way to help reduce any anxiety over coronavirus symptoms you might be facing. While doing home test kits yourself may seem intimidating at first, choosing a trusted provider like Corona Test Centre ensures get the most accurate result possible and ease feelings of stress prior to a trip.