Pour Us A Cuppa: Research Reveals UK’s Home Comforts when Holidaying

To celebrate National Tea Day, a new study has revealed that a third of Brits (32%) always pack teabags for an international holiday

To celebrate National Tea Day, a new study from Saga Holidays has revealed that a third of Brits (32%) always pack teabags for an international holiday – making them the most packed home comfort.

In fact, the results show that 41% of Brits opt to pack 25 teabags for a 7-night stay away, followed by 27% packing 40 teabags, 12% packing 80, and 7% packing over 120 teabags.

But what if the worst happens and you forget to pack them? British home comforts can be costly to buy abroad due to importation costs.

Luckily, Saga Holidays has also conducted some research to reveal the average price of British tea abroad, from the Costa del Sol to the Amalfi Coast.

The cheapest countries to buy British tea

India was revealed as the country where Brits can pick up their beloved English Breakfast Tea for the cheapest, at £2.03 (213.50 Rupee) for 25 teabags.

This is followed in second place by Austria with 25 teabags costing £2.36 (2.75 Euros) and Belgium in third place with them costing £2.39 (2.79 Euros).

Ireland comes in fourth place with 25 teabags costing £2.44 (2.84 Euros) on average whilst Italy rounds-off the top five at £2.53 (2.95 Euros).

Rank Country Currency Local Price GB Price
1 India Rupee 213.50 £2.03
2 Austria Euro 2.75 £2.36
3 Belgium Euro 2.79 £2.39
4 Ireland Euro 2.84 £2.44
5 Italy Euro 2.95 £2.53
6 Canada Dollar 4.99 £2.90
7 Germany Euro 3.44 £2.95
8 Switzerland Euro 3.48 £2.98
9 Portugal Euro 3.89 £3.34
10 Netherlands Euro 4.29 £3.68

Other countries in the top ten include Canada with a pack of 25 English Breakfast Teabags costing £2.90 (4.99 Canadian Dollars), Germany costing £2.95 (3.44 Euros), and Portugal costing £3.34 (3.89 Euros). In fact, eight out of the ten cheapest countries for British tea are in Europe so staying close to home has its benefits.

The most expensive countries to buy British tea

Thailand tops the list as the most expensive holiday destination to buy British tea, with the average pack of 25 English Breakfast Teabags costing a whopping £7.54 (347.50 Thai Baht).

This is followed by Mexico, with 25 teabags costing on average £6.26 (129 Mexican Pesos).

Rank Country Currency Local Price GB Price
1 Thailand Baht 347.50 £7.54
2 Mexico Peso 129.00 £6.26
3 Greece Euro 5.58 £4.78
4 Malta Euro 5.40 £4.63
5 Bulgaria Lev 10.49 £4.60
6 France Euro 5.29 £4.54
7 Spain Euro 5.29 £4.54
8 Morocco Dirham 52.99 £4.19
9 Egypt Pound 238.15 £3.96
10 USA Dollar 4.97 £3.92

Looking at popular holiday destinations, in Spain and France a pack of 25 English Breakfast Teabags will set you back £4.54 (5.29 Euros) on average, whilst in Greece this number rises to £4.78 (5.58 Euros).

Other pricey locations include Malta at £4.63 (5.40 Euros), Morocco at £4.19 (52.99 Moroccan Dirham), and Egypt at £3.96 (238.15 Egyptian Pounds) for 25 teabags.

The study also found that in popular destinations like Turkey, Croatia, and Montenegro British tea may not be available to buy and instead can only be shipped in. This can result in costs of up to £16 for 25 teabags.

Brits packing habits unpacked

As for the home comforts Brits simply cannot do without, following teabags, a quarter of Brits make sure to pack their favourite biscuits.

Instant coffee then follows with 24% bringing their go-to blend with them whilst sweet and savoury snacks follow with 19% making sure to pack chocolate or crips.

Rank Item Percent
1 Teabags 32%
2 Biscuits 25%
3 Instant coffee 24%
4 Chocolate 19%
5 Crisps 19%
6 Condiments 13%
7 Sliced Bread 12%
8 Marmite 11%
9 Cereal 8%
10 Squash 8%

Other home comfort items Brits pack include their favourite condiment (13%) such as tomato sauce or vinegar, sliced bread (12%), and whether you love it or hate it Marmite (11%).

Andy Bennett from Saga Holidays commented on the findings: “It is not surprising to see that tea remains a staple for many British holiday makers. At Saga Holidays, we recognize the importance of home comforts while travelling.”

“We’re thrilled to offer experiences which may cater to the tastes of tea enthusiasts. In our ‘Essence of Japan’ tour, travellers can enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, immersing themselves in the rich tea culture of Japan. While our ‘Best of Sri Lanka‘ tour includes a trip to a tea plantation in the scenic Nuwara Eliya district. These experiences allow our travellers to explore new countries and experience new flavours.”