Polar Adventure with Record-Breaking Explorer

British performance-wear specialist Shackleton has launched an experiences division

The new venture, ‘Shackleton Quests’, has been set up to enable the brand’s community to experience the thrills and challenges of polar adventure. Quests will be led by Shackleton’s Director of Expeditions Louis Rudd MBE, a former SAS soldier and record-breaking explorer described by Sir Ranulph Fiennes as a man who “will go down in polar history”.

The firsts Quests will take place in Finse, Norway in March 2021. Adventurers can choose between the six-day ‘Finse Polar Experience’, an introduction to polar travel, or the more demanding ‘Finse Polar Challenge’, a seven-day 80km glacier traverse on skis, hauling pulks packed with tents, sleeping bags, food and cooking fuel. Participants will camp out in the elements in temperatures well below freezing and learn the skills needed to survive in some of the toughest conditions on the planet.

Louis Rudd MBE brings an unparalleled knowledge of polar regions to the Quests, which have been designed to build mental and physical endurance, taking adventurers outside of their comfort zone in a stunning environment to discover what they’re made of.

Shackleton Co-Founder Ian Holdcroft: “It’s long been our ambition to launch something truly unique, a series of exclusive experiences in an incredible part of the world. Our aim is to offer an experience that’s as close as possible to a true polar expedition.”

Director of Expeditions Louis Rudd MBE: “Finse is a tough, remote and stunning place – you step outside the historic hotel straight into a snowy landscape, which soon becomes true wilderness. The Quests involve all the elements of a genuine Antarctic expedition, from the excitement of preparation and the adventure of camping in freezing temperatures, to a sense of achievement when you reach the end.”