New Globehunters Map Reveals Top Filming Locations

When watching our favourite movies and TV shows, we can often be mesmerised by the stunning sets, lush locations and picture-perfect backdrops

Whether its Central Perk from Friends or Hogwarts from Harry Potter, we always wonder whether we could ever actually visit that location. Is it real? Or is that destination a set and all just a dream? One TV show that gives many people a case of travel-envy is Game of Thrones… but believe it or not, you are able to visit the majority of these filming locations. But, just where are they?

A newly released map from Globehunters has revealed some of the most exquisite filming locations, so you can visit them for yourself. Yes, you can hop on a plane (or even jump in the car) and see the sights of Winterfell before your very eyes!

Where Are Some of The Must-See GoT Filming Destinations?

  • Croatia – Kings Landing in season 2 is actually filmed in Dubrovnik and was first seen in The North Remembers Episode. It is also FREE to go see the wonder of the real-life location!
  • Iceland – The Entrance to the Eyrie’s true location lays in Þingvellir in Iceland and is also free to visit. Season 4 wouldn’t have been the same without this stunning set.
  • Northern Ireland – In the very first episode when we were introduced to Winterfell and the young Stark boys practising Archery, we were, in fact, seeing scenes filmed in County Down. You can visit Castle Ward in Northern Ireland for less than £10.

To see the full list of show-stopping Game of Thrones destinations, simply click here.