Most Magical Place to Hunt for Ghosts has explored the most magical places to hunt for ghosts, spot fantastic beasts and discover urban legends has created a map of the world revealing some of the most fascinating myths and spookiest monsters on the planet.

For most of us, a week’s vacation is the escape we look forward to all year round, but nowadays a simple beach break doesn’t always cut it. More of us are seeking a quirky thrill to bring some magic and eccentricity to our long-awaited trip, and have created a map to inspire an extraordinary adventure.

Make your holiday truly unique by immersing yourself in the myths, mysteries and folk tales of the country you’re visiting, with help from this user-friendly map, where pop-ups detail the coolest places to go on a ghost hunt or swim in a mermaid cove.

The map includes the supernatural, the unexplained, traditional folktales and creatures long believed extinct.

Here are three of the destinations worth checking out to make your holiday just a touch more fantastic:

  1. Spot the Cat Sìth in Scotland. This massive cat is believed to steal the souls of the dead before the Gods can take them and stalks Highland graveyards looking for his victims. The mysterious moggy is also known for cursing the livestock of villagers who don’t leave him tributes outside their door.
  2. Search for the Huldufolk in Denmark. A community of elves held responsible for landslides, death and droughts when they’re feeling mischievous. However, catch them on a good day and they bless farmers with good weather and a fruitful harvest
  3. Roam the streets navigated by pirates in Cornwall and splash in waves where mermaids hide. As the stunning Cornish coast was a hotbed for smugglers until the end of the 18th century, you’ll hear all manner of brilliant tales in the county’s pubs. Mermaids have been spotted in the choppy waves off the rugged coastline for centuries, calling sailors to their watery doom! has gathered information on the legends and myths in each area and shared some great ideas on what to do in order to make the best of its unique heritage.