Is Long-Haul the New Short-Haul?

Most popular long-haul half-term holiday destinations revealed

As UK holiday makers get back into the swing of work, school and everyday life, many people will be planning their October half-term getaways to help them get away from the autumnal weather. However, with long-haul destinations becoming more and more popular, it may be worth thinking about your next trip now in order to best prepare.

As the Brexit deadline approaches, the worry of visas, increasing flight prices and poor exchange rates is at the forefront of many minds and as a result, travellers may start to look further afield for their holidays. In light of this, WeSwap has commissioned data across their 500,000-strong database to reveal the top 10 long-haul flights for those looking to jet off whilst the Brexit deadline approaches.

Top five most popular long-haul destinations for holidaymakers:

Finnair has many non-stop flights from London to New York, and at a reasonable price too. Holidaymakers can jet off to the The Big Apple to see the famous skyline and the Empire State.

For those backpackers not bothered by multiple layovers, then holidaymakers can get to Sydney with United Airlines. For those who still have the travel bug, it is still possible to catch a late long-haul holiday.

Travellers can fly from London to Vancouver. It pays to shop around on multiple sites, especially if you are looking for going further afield this October. That way, you can ensure the best holiday deals.

New Zealand
New Zealand is becoming a really popular tourist destination for many Brits and has been noted for having some of the most impressive landscapes in the world.

South Africa
South Africa is the fifth most popular destination outside of the EU, according to WeSwap’s 500,000-strong user database. Nowadays, long-haul destinations are becoming easier to travel to and does not necessarily have to break the bank.

For those who are worried about the upcoming Brexit deadline and potential travel restrictions this may impose, it may be worthwhile looking further afield for your next holiday trip and there are still numerous corners of the globe still yet to explore.

Rob Stross, CMO of WeSwap comments on the research: “In spite of the uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions after Brexit, it is great to see that UK travellers are still keen to travel, to explore new cultures, and to go further afield for their holidays. However, it does pay to be aware of any upcoming political events when planning and booking your holidays. However, for holidaymakers that are particularly concerned about the effects of Brexit on their holidays, going further afield may be a worthwhile option as it is unlikely that planning, booking, and travel requirements will change.”