How the Travel Industry Could Bounce Back After the Pandemic

The travel industry has been hit hard due to the pandemic, so will it ever recover?

The travel industry has been hit hard due to the pandemic. Airlines have become bankrupt; hotels have closed and travel advisors have lost their jobs. COVID-19 has done a good job at wiping out enormous parts of this business, so will it ever recover? In the past, if we couldn’t afford to book a holiday, we would just stay at home. However, the travel industry now needs our help and holiday companies are practically begging us to do business with them. Here is how the travel industry could bounce back after the pandemic.

Improve Their Service

Many people struggle with the service that some airlines in particular have to offer. This could be because some staff are rude, the airline overcharges their customers and they just exhibit poor behaviour. In order to bounce back after the pandemic, travel companies will need to make an effort to change their ways. This will help to bring in customers and retain them, which could offer more support to the business in the future. As companies struggle to survive, quality customer service will be necessary to make travelling a more enjoyable experience.

Put Safety First

There are two solutions to a pandemic. One is medical and the other is social. Many pandemics will be resolved socially, as people learn how to protect themselves and live around the threat of a virus. Even though we have a vaccination, it will take a long time to fully vaccinated the population and we will have to deal with new strains. In order to return and thrive, travel companies will need to put the safety of their customers and staff first. This will show that they care and will reduce future outbreaks.

Offer Fair Prices

When travel companies return, they can charge people one in two ways. They could either charge high prices to help them financially recover faster, or they could draw in a higher number of customers by offering fair prices. Bringing in more customers at a lower price is better for the travel company and the economy. If the prices are too high, people will search for cheaper deals or avoid travelling completely. Reduced travel will have a negative and damaging effect on the local and global economy.

Updating Travel Insurance 

Some people may be put off travelling due to the fear of catching COVID-19 while they are abroad. This would ruin their experience and could put a lot of pressure on travellers’ funds if they require hospital treatment. Fortunately, travel insurance companies like Staysure are already updating their policies to cover COVID-19 related issues at no extra cost. They also consider all medical conditions with no upper age limit. This will allow people to travel comfortably and will help the industry return.

Protecting the Planet

Studies show that air pollution has reduced significantly since lockdowns started. The tourism industry contributes to around 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. In order to reduce the risk of global temperatures rising too high, we will need to cut down our emissions by a further 50%. Urgent change is needed and travel companies should take this time to change their ways and learn how to protect the planet once they bounce back. This includes supporting sustainable hotels and methods of travel.

The pandemic has proved that the travel industry needed a wake-up call and COVID-19 has been able to supply it. It will take time, but with the right approach, they will bounce back. The public is needed to do so, so putting them first and improving their experience is key to a fast and successful recovery.