Have A Hocus Pocus Halloween in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s most haunted city, offers an ideal place to celebrate Halloween with tales of ghosts, witches, and lost bagpipers

Edinburgh, Scotland’s most haunted city, offers an ideal place to celebrate Halloween with tales of ghosts, witches, and lost bagpipers. Join Mercat Tours for spine-tingling explorations of mediaeval streets and haunted vaults or embrace the changing seasons at the Samhuinn Fire Festival in the Old Town, which is a modern re-imaging of the Celtic tradition. Just outside Edinburgh, one can be transported back in time when visiting the impressive Sterling Castle presiding over the River Forth. While there are countless activities for any visitor to partake in, the city’s winter charm, with early sunsets, chilly winds, and distinctive architecture, sets a spooky mood. Enhance your experience with a stay at Prestonfield House or The Witchery, both offering a wickedly fantastic atmosphere.

The Witchery

Experience the enchantment of Halloween like never before at James Thomson’s renowned masterpiece, The Witchery, nestled in the heart of Edinburgh. This October 31st marks a double celebration – not only does it coincide with the 44th anniversary of the hotel’s grand opening, but it’s also the perfect time to immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance. The outrageously gothic decor seamlessly transports every guest into the mystical embrace of the Halloween season. There are nine theatrical and lavishly decorated suites – perfect for those looking to stay in the most opulent of settings. Just steps away, The Witches Well stands as a haunting reminder of the past – a memorial to the countless souls that were persecuted for witchcraft. Furthermore, The Witchery embraces the spirit of Halloween like no other. Each year, they host a spectacular pumpkin display that will leave you captivated. For a Halloween stay that’s truly bewitching, make The Witchery your destination of choice.

Prestonfield House

Over the years The Witchery has been joined by an equally distinctive property: Prestonfield House, James Thomson’s opulent five-star hotel just a stone’s throw from Edinburgh’s bustling city centre. This Halloween, escape to the countryside without leaving the city behind. Prestonfield House combines a tapestry of intriguing history, captivating theatre, and unparalleled luxury. This 23-bedroom hotel offers the seclusion of a country estate, within the heart of Edinburgh, and just moments away from the dramatic volcano summit of Arthur’s Seat. At the heart of this boutique establishment lies Rhubarb, the latest jewel in James Thompson’s culinary crown. Wickedly rich and dramatic, the stylish and glamorous Rhubarb restaurant occupies grand Regency rooms, with high ceilings, at the heart of the hotel. As Halloween approaches, the grounds of Prestonfield House come alive with a mesmerising display of countless pumpkins and spooky decorations, ensuring every guest is irresistibly engrossed in the spooky spirit of Halloween. For an unforgettable 31st of October, embrace the luxury and mystique of Prestonfield House. It’s a perfect blend of country charm and city excitement.