From London to Seoul: The Best Cities for Gaming Tourism

London is among the top 15 capital cities for gaming tourism. It ranks fifth in the average earnings of the top 500 eSports players, grossing over £123,307

London is among the top 15 capital cities for gaming tourism. It ranks fifth in the average earnings of the top 500 eSports players, grossing over £123,307.

That’s according to research by bestcasinosites.netwhich analysed the best cities for gamers by carrying out a points-based index system based on factors including but not limited to: internet speed and costs, electricity costs and earnings from the top 500 eSports players, per country. Each capital city was given a final score out of 10.

London boasts the fifth-highest average earnings of the top 500 eSports players

Trailing at #11 is London. The British capital received a final score of 4.8/10, majorly due to its low download speeds and high latency. It does have the fifth-highest average earnings of the top 500 eSports players, grossing over £123,307 and has grossed a total of £25,836,440.27 eSports earnings since 1998.

The cities that are ranked the best for gamers:

With a score of 8.7/10, Seoul has been crowned the best capital city for gamers to live in according to The South Korean capital is famous for eSports, having some of the highest earning eSports players and has accumulated $115,410,674 in earnings since 1998 and is also home to the first-ever eSports stadium. Internet costs are relatively cheap in Seoul, at $20.77 a month and the average electricity cost per month is $14.60. South Korea also plans to commercialise 10-Gigabit internet speeds by the end of the decade, which could increase their current average speed by 4,915%.

Ranking in second place is Paris, with a score of 7.8/10. The City of Love scores higher than Seoul for internet speed and the cost of internet is on average $31.20 a month compared to Reykjavik, which is over 50% higher and is actually, the most expensive European capital for internet, at $67.60 a month. France is the seventh-best country in terms of eSports winnings, exceeding over $38,899,723.72 since 1998, with 4,803 players.

In third place, with a score of 7.2/10 is Stockholm. The Swedish capital, known as the birthplace of ABBA, IKEA and sandbox giant Minecraft, is also the third-best city for gamers. Stockholm has the highest average of top 500 eSports players’ earnings over the last year, at $229,188. Expect to be well-connected here, with average download speeds of 133.9Mbps, allowing for faster gaming. A 60Mbps Internet connection will cost you $34.99 a month, which is a 25% decrease in comparison to neighbouring country Norway, where Oslo will cost you $47.21 a month.

Aiden Howe, editor of commented on the research: “Gaming, as we know, is a major player in the entertainment market. In order to play online, you’ll need a powerful internet connection that won’t drop when you’re battling zombies and first-rate hardware that won’t freeze mid-play, or lack the graphics and storage requirements demanded by the latest titles.

Luckily, internet speeds are constantly improving. With countries such as Monaco boasting higher speeds than ever before and continents such as Asia and South America pioneering internet innovation, it won’t be long before other continents join the race and allow even more gamers to join the gaming frenzy.

Although, cloud gaming is becoming the hottest gaming trend, with more publishing studios offering their titles through the cloud. The need for a superfast connection and gaming rig might soon be a thing of the past, especially with 5G connections appearing in more locations.

With the cost of living crisis tightening our wallets, it can put pressure on gamers to game less, knowing their hobby is increasing their energy bills. There are some ways around this, such as switching your console into an energy-saving mode, allowing downloads and updates to happen without leaving your console on standby.

To save even more money, consider buying second-hand games, or organise a ‘Swap Shop’ WhatsApp group with fellow gamers to pass on games once you’ve completed them. Also, don’t overlook the regular sales that Steam and other distributors offer, you could get a recent game for even less!”