From Frankfurt to Regensberg on the A Ship

Is it a boat or a ship? Ciaran Mulligan aka The Fabulous Traveller still isn't actually quite sure, but the name of it 'The A' certainly reflects its class

Is it a boat or a ship? Ciaran Mulligan aka The Fabulous Traveller still isn’t actually quite sure, but the name of it ‘The A’ certainly reflects its class…

I decided to take a U River Cruise in Germany starting in Frankfurt and finishing at Regensberg. If you think River Cruises are for the older generation or the retired, you need to think again, U River Cruises is aimed at the younger more affluent traveller (I just about made that category).

Our trip started with an early flight with Aer Lingus to Frankfurt and a short 15 minute taxi ride to the dockside in Frankfurt. You can also take the tram from the airport to the dockside which would be cheaper.

We decided to board our sleek black trendy ‘A Ship’ to drop off our bags and check out the city of Frankfurt for the day. Upon boarding we received a warm welcome from our hosts on the ship and nothing seemed to be an issue given the early embarkation. What I liked instantly about the ship was it’s cool décor, funky art (works from various artists including Tracy Emin) and was really aimed at younger market. We headed off for the day into rainy Frankfurt but found lots to do and lots of shopping before we re-embarked at 4pm later that day.

Our fab cabins on the ship were a decent size with a nice bathroom and a balcony sliding door. The bed was super comfy and the room also included a flatscreen TV with the latest movies etc. I would definitely recommend getting the cabins upstairs with the balcony or even a suite as there is definitely more space and with the balcony door it just feels more open and spacious. Important for the younger traveller, there is also free wifi on board the ship.
Our welcome drinks and muster call commenced before we sailed at 6pm and it gave us to time to meet some of the cruisers. I was surprised at the mix in age of people ranging from early twenties and thirties up to late sixties. Even though the ship was aimed at the younger market some of the older cruisers seems to like to younger activities on offer not to mention the cool décor.

Meals were offered twice a day at breakfast and evening meal. I have to say the cuisine on board was superb and the service in the dining room was superb. There was a selection of local fare on board as well as comfort food, vegan and healthy options (which I didn’t go for too much). There are chefs on hand to cook your food to your liking or something different to cater for all. We also took the drinks package with our cruise which I would highly recommend. This includes high end spirits, wines and beers not to mention the fabulous cocktails which are offered each day in the bar by the wonderful friendly bar staff, especially Marinela.

What I also liked about the ‘A Ship’ was each evening around 6pm it would sail to its different destination so you can have your dining experience while you enjoyed the views of the riverside. Unlike cruising on the sea, the rivers are very calm and the only indication you were cruising was if you entered a lock to reach the next level of the river.

So what’s different about U River Cruises? Well, activities and entertainment are some of the big differences. Each day as you arrive in each city or town there are different activities you can partake in.

Most activities are very enjoyable and not overly strenuous. Some of the activities that we participated in included 10km Guided Bike Tour (bikes are stored on the ship), Yoga Classes, Massage, Painting with wine (I really liked this), Kayaking, Hiking, Pretzel making, Foosball competition, Mixology classes (Cocktail making) and city tours including breweries. What’s nice about this is that none of the activities or tours are being forced upon anyone. You also have the option to sunbathe on the upper deck at any time if you feel like staying on the ship. The ‘A Ship’ also has a small gym with various machines and free weights, so before or after your big breakfast there is no excuse.

The amazing hosts on our trip were Mik and Karina who made everyone feel so welcome at all events. The hosts are also so important to your weekly nightly entertainment which includes Silent Discos, DJ Parties, 70s night, Eurovision parties and cocktail nights all included for free.
I was definitely surprised at how much I enjoyed the ‘A Ship’. I really can’t wait to travel again on U River Cruises, maybe next time from Amsterdam to Frankfurt!

Ciaran Mulligan AKA The Fabulous Traveller travelled on this cruise with U River Cruises. The Germany’s Finest itinerary travels from Frankfurt to Regensburg and includes seven-nights in a water view stateroom, three meals daily, six days of onshore excursions and various onboard activities such as rooftop yoga and mixology classes.


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