Five Signs Your Relationship Needs a Getaway

Believe or not, but a staycation or quick getaway can help struggling relationships. It gives couples a chance to spend quality time together in a new environment

Unique Cotswold Cottages offers luxury cottage retreats for two in three distinct locations within the idyllic Cotswolds. Their lovingly furnished cottages are an ideal setting for a romantic staycation with your partner. If you’re wondering whether your relationship could benefit from a staycation, read on to learn about the 5 signs your relationship is in need of a staycation or getaway.

  1. You’re both workaholics – modern life is busy. So busy that we often forget to make time for each other. Some relationships will struggle because of this – especially if both parties are workaholics. Unique Cotswold Cottages have three cottages that are surrounded by gorgeous, rural views. In that kind of setting, you’ll both want to leave your work behind you.
  2. You’re drifting apart – couples can use a staycation to feel close to each other again. The Little Gem Cottage in Bourton-on-the-Water is the perfect place for couples to bond. The cosy log burner and en-suite bathroom makes it a wonderful space to wind down in. After all, you’ll need a stress-free staycation so you can prioritise each other without getting distracted.
  3.  Conversation is dead – in a relationship, uncomfortable silences or directionless conversation is not a good sign. The Loft cottage has a secluded sunny terrace and a roll-top bath big enough for two, with views over the rooftops of charming Stow-on-the-Wold, making it a calming place for a couple to chat together in the sunshine. This gorgeous environment will be a conversation starter in itself!
  4. The fun is gone – a lively staycation is a good way to bring some fun back into a relationship. Across the Cotswolds, there are various walks like the Cotswold Way National Trail that you and your partner can enjoy. A trek around the exhilarating countryside may help re-energise your relationship.
  5. Arguments are common – frequent arguments are not a good sign. A staycation can help you reassess these conflicts with your partner in a new light. Make sure you pick a peaceful destination that’ll clear your heads and improve your communication. We recommend the peaceful haven that is The Bolt Hole Cottage in the centre of Winchcombe.

If you want to book a staycation with your partner at Unique Cotswold Cottages, visit their website to find out more about their luxurious cottages.