Fall for Autumn Festivities in Majorca

Although the hottest days of Majorca’s summer have come to an end, its Mediterranean climate allows the fun to shine through to autumn

Although the hottest days of Majorca’s summer have come to an end, its Mediterranean climate allows the fun to shine through to autumn. However, it is not just the mild weather that carries through the year, there are many annual cultural, sports and leisure activities, fairs and events to enjoy. Festivals such as the Palmanyola International Music Festival, gastronomic fairs such as l’Esclata-sang i de la Muntanya and traditions such as the Beata Parade or the Autumn Sailing Championship of the Real Club Náutico de Palma signal the start of the autumn season.

Majorca’s warm weather compliments the 40 fairs held across the island at this time of the year. The Fira de l’Esclata-sang i de la Muntanya is one of the best-known festivals held in Mancor de la Vall, celebrating the níscalo mushroom, Majorca’s answer to the pumpkin at that time of the year.  During the weekend, the seasonal mushroom is prepared in various ways for revellers to sample whilst enjoying the parade and festivities.

Other autumnal fairs revolve around the island’s delicacies, such as olive oil at the Fira de s’Oliva de Caimari or honey at the Fira de sa Mel de Llubí. The international tapas fair, Tapalma, is another essential gastronomic event that takes place in October. Yet, if there is one celebration that stands out and brings together hundreds of thousands of visitors each year: the Dijous Bo de Inca, a food fair that celebrates the island’s traditions in livestock, agriculture, artisanal products and food.

The Beata Parade is one of the island’s most traditional festivals and it is celebrated in Palma. It has taken place every third Saturday of October since 1792 when Catalina Thomàs was declared a saint. On the day, a colourful parade of floats fills the city centre whilst music and traditional dances accompany the proceedings.

Exhibitions in art galleries, museums and cultural centres join the lineup of festivals and fairs. Music, dance and theatre are featured in many programmes on the stages of Majorca’s towns and cities, including the Caimari Ancient Music Festival, the Palmanyola International Music Festival, the Bunyola Music Festival, the Majorca Music Festival or the Port de Sóller Classical Music Festival.

For those who prefer sport to art, there are many options on offer: the Autumn Sailing Championship at Real Club Náutico de Palma, the Challenge Peguera triathlon and various golf tournaments on the island’s scenic courses – not to forget diving, canoeing, mountaineering, horse riding or cycling.