Embark On A Family Getaway To Lithuania

Known for its tranquil nature and charming scenery, Lithuania is full of fun things to see and experience as a family

Known for its tranquil nature and charming scenery, Lithuania is full of fun things to see and experience as a family. Interacting with animals is the trip highlight for any kid, but there’s no denying that adults are often the most excited ones.

Although getting to know wildlife up close can be exhilarating, visitors are encouraged to be responsible and keep in mind the safety of animals.

“We need to be aware of the animals’ needs and allow them to feel safe and well,” says Brigita Kymantaitė, head of animal protection and rights organization GATO. She notes that animals must never be exploited for entertainment. “We must prioritize their well-being and make sure they can retreat and hide in a safe space if overwhelmed by the attention.”

Lithuania Travel, the national tourism development agency, shared six ideas for friendly domestic and wild animal encounters, and various educational activities that invite families for enchanting adventures around the country.

Wildlife SPA for Bambi Lovers

Animal therapy is a well-known method of relaxation, often used to lower stress and provide comfort. Watching and hand-feeding the animals or just being near them helps to calm the mind and live in the moment.

The Deer SPA in the Širvintos district is an oasis of peace and tranquility where the domesticated red deer roam. Visitors can feed and pet the graceful animals, while the hosts offer educational activities to learn more about them.

Nestled next to the park, a huge meadow offers visitors a family-friendly space to try out outdoor games or celebrate children’s birthdays. Those looking for a longer stay can even set up a camp on the premises and spend the night under the stars.

The area is surrounded by beautiful nature, including Kernavė, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is a complex ensemble of archaeological properties that represent 10 millennia of human settlements in the region.

Jumping Around in Rabbit Park

Families who want to visit smaller animals can visit Northern Lithuania, which hides many curiosities to be discovered, including the fun-filled Kirkilai Amusement Park. Among the most amusing attractions, animal lovers are invited to explore the adorable rabbit space. The furry long-ears are fond of the visitors who pet, play, and cuddle with them. The visitors can also observe the rabbits in their natural habitat and watch them hop in the meadow or rest in their custom-made houses.

The young guests will find many other engaging activities in the park, including the Gravity House, the Tunnel of Illusions, archery range, and electric ATV tracks, among others. The visitors should not miss out on the nearby Kirkilai observation tower which reveals a fascinating panoramic view overlooking innumerable lakes of Biržai regional park.

Countryside Experience With Farm Animals

If simply watching or petting the animals is not enough, hospitable Anūkis Farm in the Anykščiai district and its “Living Museum” are not only full of affectionate animals, including rabbits, sheep, goats, and turkeys, but also allow travelers to have a firsthand experience of village life.

After the visit, the hosts engage the visitors in some friendly competition with a few traditional outdoor games to test the participants’ sharpness and speed. For the full experience, visitors are invited to jump into the horse-drawn carriage for a scenic ride around the farm.

Ąžuolų Vila in Kazlų Rūda municipality is yet another cozy family farm. Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, the farm owners fled their busy life a few years ago and built a new one in nature from scratch. They are happy to share the joys of calm living and introduce the visitors to their extended family, which includes sheep, goats, and birds, as well as a pony and a pack of dogs. While children play with the many animals, adults can relax for a moment, taking in the surrounding greenery.

Learn About Horse and Man Friendship

Another cozy farm Margas Ponis in Pakruojis district offers the guests the chance to learn everything there is to know about equines. In addition to meeting and hand-feeding the meadow-roaming horses and ponies, young adventurers can discover the secrets of saddling, combing, and preparing the horse before getting on it for their first exciting ride around the area.

In addition to horses, the curious visitors of Margas Ponis can spot a cat or two, pet some rabbits, and cuddle with affectionate mini goats.

After an adrenaline-filled horseback ride, the visitors can head to the famous Pakruojis Manor. Located just 20 minutes away by car, the historic manor keeps the aristocratic spirit alive with well-preserved regal buildings, an authentic 19th-century cuisine restaurant, and various educational activities that give an insight into the noble life.

Fuzzy Guests from South America

Families heading to Vilkaviškis district can pop by Europos Alpaka farm — a sanctuary for alpacas that spend their happy days surrounded by nature

Alpacas are often used in animal therapy, therefore, visitors are guaranteed to feel more relaxed after a visit to the farm. Visitors can take guided tours to learn more about alpaca life as well as the products of their wool, which are available to purchase on the farm. Europos Alpaka farm is the largest of its kind in Lithuania.

More spots to meet animals are provided in Lithuania Travel’s interactive map.