Electric Road Trips: The Best UK Road Trips for Electric Vehicles Revealed

New research has found that more than two-thirds of UK drivers would consider switching to an electric vehicle... so here we've gathered the best road trips for electric vehicles to inspire you

Research from Saga finds more than two-thirds of UK drivers would consider switching to an electric vehicle. Fuel costs (55%) and the environment (54%) are key motivators for Brits considering the switch to EV. So, with summer holidays fast approaching, and with the UK slowly saying goodbye to its reliance on petrol, Saga have uncovered the best electric road trips in the UK and Ireland. 

A range of factors were reviewed, including the availability of charging points, the number of charges needed for each journey and how different EV models would compare travelling the routes. Road trips were ranked based on the average distance between charging points, identifying the journeys where you’re most likely to have access to a charging point in the shortest time possible.

39% of UK respondents surveyed by Saga said they wouldn’t consider switching to an EV due to electric cars not being able to travel as far as petrol or diesel cars. However, you can complete most of the UK’s incredible road trips in well under one full charge.  

Not all electric vehicles are created equal. Saga have reviewed the number of charges needed to complete each trip for the most popular EV models in the UK, helping drivers understand which road trip is right for them. 

The Lake District’s ‘Land of the Lakes’ route is the most EV friendly road trip in the UK. It’s the road trip where you’re most likely to have a charging point to hand in the shortest possible time. With a distance of 17.7 miles and 10 charging points along the scenic route, you only need 0.08 charges to complete it. 

With a distance of 51 miles and only 0.22 charges needed, a road trip along the Jurassic Coast, the outstanding UNESCO world heritage site, is ranked the second-best road trip for EV drivers. 

The Wild Atlantic Way, covering the famous west coast of Ireland is ranked the least EV friendly road trip. It’s 191 miles long, with only 10 charging points and an average distance of 29.2 miles between them.

You can find out more about the top ten best UK road trips for EV drivers here, including information about stop off points and important charging information. 

Martin Broom, Motor and Home Product Director at Saga comments: It’s encouraging to know that some of the world’s most famous beauty spots can be visited by EV drivers – and in most cases travelled across in under one full charge. This helps to tackle some of the common misconceptions about the distance(s) that electric vehicles can go. 54% of drivers in the UK said they’d consider switching to EV as they’re better for the environment.  A UK electric road trip is a great way to visit stunning locations while helping to protect the planet, too.”