Discover the Best-Rated Beaches in Spain for 2022

With 8000 kilometres of beaches, Spain has always been a favourite beach destination for many travellers! But with so many beaches to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to go

With almost 8000 kilometres of beaches, Spain is a paradise for everyone who loves the sun and the sea. Spain has beaches for every traveller: from urban beaches with all amenities you can think of to isolated, virginal beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water. But with so many beaches to choose from, it can be hard to choose where to go!

Spain-Holiday, the experts for holiday rentals in Spain, decided to make your life easier and reveal the ranking of best beaches in Spain according to the Spanish themselves. Keep them in mind while you book your next holiday, and have the best beach holiday of your life!

1. Playa de Rodas, Galicia – 4.9 stars

The Playa de Rodas in Galicia is widely considered as one of the most beautiful in the country. This beach even won the title of “most beautiful beach in the world” in 2007. Playa de Rodas is located in the paradisiacal Cies Islands off the coast of Vigo, an archipelago with incredibly clear water and an impressive natural landscape. Enjoy half a mile of the finest white sand, surrounded by pine forests and gently sloping dunes!

Playa de Rodas is a protected natural area. You won’t find any amenities here, so bring everything you need for a beach day yourself! It has been awarded a Blue Flag for its outstanding water quality and cleanliness. You can visit Playa de Rodas and the Cies Islands by taking a ferry from the mainland, which departs from Vigo every 35 minutes.

2. Playa de Cofete, Fuerteventura – 4.8 stars

Playa de Cofete in Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands’ hidden gems! Located in the Jandia Natural park, this relatively unknown beach is characterized by its impressive dunes of golden sand and the famous rock formation “la Pared” (the Wall), an impressive backdrop for your holiday pictures! Playa de Cofete is a great location for snorkelling thanks to the many rock formations in the water, but sun lovers will also get their kicks on the twelve kilometre long beach!

Playa de Cofete is located inside a natural park and is a protected area. Come prepared with everything you might need, including water shoes if you want to snorkel! There is no lifeguard present, so be cautious if you decide to visit with young children. The beach is a short drive away from the entrance to the Jandia Natural Park and easy to visit as a day trip during your holiday on Fuerteventura.

3. Playa Morro de Jable, Fuerteventura – 4.8 stars

Playa Morro de Jable is another amazing beach located on Fuertevenura. This is one of the most visited beaches of Fuerteventura, attracting many visitors each year with its turquoise waters and fine golden sand! The beach is very popular with families, since it’s located near the town of Morro de Jable, a popular holiday resort. You won’t have to wish for anything during your stay: there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars located on the beach’s broad walk. And if you prefer a more natural beach experience, there are more tranquil areas to the north, where the beach runs along the salt marshes of Fuerteventura.

Since Playa Morro de Jable is located near a popular holiday town, every amenity you could think of is available on site, from sunbeds to a lifeguard service! The beach also has designated areas where you can practise water sports. The best way to enjoy Playa Morro de Jable is stay in the town of the same name, but it is also a great day trip if you are staying elsewhere on Fuerteventura.

4. Playa de Sotavento, Fuerteventura – 4.8 stars

If you like Caribbean beaches but don’t want to travel that far, Playa de Sotavento in Fuerteventura is the beach for you! This unspoilt beach is absolutely gorgeous, with calm, turquoise water and fine sand. It makes Playa de Sotaventa a great location for swimming and snorkelling! And if you love some more extreme water sports, you will also love Sotaventa. It even hosts the Kite Boarding World Championships year after year, and is a prime spot for surfing and sailing. At low tide large lagoons form along the shore, where young children can safely play. Playa de Sotaventa really is a beach for everyone!

Playa de Sotavento is a true unspoilt beach, with no amenities or restaurants nearby, so don’t forget to pack everything you need when you visit! There is however plenty of parking space, pretty convenient since the best way to reach Sotavento is by car. This is a popular day trip location for tourists staging on the Canary Islands!

5. Playa de Ses Illetes, Balearics – 4.8 stars

Playa de Ses Illetes, located on the coast of Formentera, is a contender for the title “most beautiful beach in the world”! With deep-blue water and white sand this beach will give you an unforgettable experience! It’s located on the north coast of the island, inside a natural park, and is accessed with a walk through the dunes that surround it. During high season you will find lots of boats dotted the sea in front of the beach, because it’s a very popular stop for people on boating trips!

Ses Illetes gives all the impressions of an untouched beach, but a couple of minutes walking will get you to an area with restaurants and small shops where you can have lunch during your visit. The water is not deep and very calm, making Ses Illetes a great beach for swimming with young children! You can easily visit Playa Ses Illetes from any of the Balearic Isles by taking the ferry that connects the islands.

6. Playa de Carnota, Galicia – 4.8 stars

Next in the ranking is Playa de Carnota in Galicia, one of the largest beaches of the Iberian Peninsula. This beach is over 7 kilometres long, perfect for those long walks on the beach with your partner. While the water can be a bit cold (it’s the Atlantic Ocean after all!), it’s a great beach for snorkelling. Or if the cold water is not your thing, explore the surrounding area of Playa de Carnota, a lush green landscape with plenty of hiking routes to discover.

Playa de Carnota is quite isolated, but there are shower facilities and some restaurants near the parking area if you fancy a bite. As mentioned, the water temperature is quite cool, especially in winter, so a wetsuit might come in handy! The best option to enjoy Playa de Carnota and its beautiful surroundings are by staying in one off the charming fisherman’s villages nearby, but it is also a good option for a day trip if you spend your holiday in Galicia.

7. Playa de Berellín, Cantabria – 4.8 stars

If you love hidden, unspoilt beaches you should head to Val de San Vicente in Cantabria. Playa de Berellín is a beautiful cove hidden behind a pine forest and large rocks. It’s tucked away and sheltered from the main currents, so the shallow, calm water is perfectly safe for swimming with young children. While you could spend your entire day on the beach, make sure to check out some of the beautiful walking routes in the area, as well as the viewpoint that gives you amazing views of the cove and the Atlantic.

Playa de Berellín is the definition of unspoilt beach, which means there are not many amenities available. There is a small kiosk that sells snacks near the car park, but any other supplies you would have to bring yourself. If you spend your holiday in Cantabria, Playa de Berellín is a must-see, as well as the nearby village San Vicente de la Barquera, the most picturesque village in Cantabria.

8. Playa de Nogales, La Palma – 4.8 stars

Playa de Nogales on La Palma, one of the smaller Canary Islands, is a small but incredibly beautiful beach surrounded by steep cliffs. This virgin beach stands out because of it’s black, volcanic sand and spectacular views. The drive to the beach itself is already worth a visit: it takes you along traditional villages, beautiful green areas, cacti plantations and much more, until you reach the beach itself. There’s plenty to see and do at Playa Nogales: do some water sports like surfing or kite surfing, hike to the viewpoint up on the cliffs, or just enjoy a relaxing beach day on this unique beach!

While there are no amenities on the beach itself, Playa de Nogales is located near some small villages with restaurants and shops. The water can be cold in winter, so take that into account if you want to go for a swim! Playa de Nogales is an absolute must during a visit to La Palma, whether you are staying on the island or coming by ferry from Tenerife or Gran Canaria.

9. Playa del Viejo Reyes, Fuerteventura – 4.8 stars

If you are someone who loves active travel, you should visit Playa del Vieja Reyes on Fuerteventura. This beach is known as one of the best on the island for surfing and other water sports, especially if you are a beginner! There are many surf schools ready to teach you the ins and outs of the sport. Playa del Vieja Reyes is also perfect for a relaxing beach day: it’s hidden away behind cliffs, which gives you the impression that the beach is completely isolated from the rest of the world. This little piece of paradise is loved among locals and tourists alike!

This beach is pretty secluded, which means there are not many amenities present, although you will find a quiet village with restaurants and bars a short drive away. Playa del Viejo Reyes is only accessible during low tide, so make sure to check the tides before you head out! The beach is reachable by car from wherever you decide to stay on Fuerteventura, and it’s even easy to make a day trip out of it from any of the other islands.

10. Playa de Valdearenas, Cantabria – 4.8 stars

Close to Santander, in the north of Spain, you will find Playa de Valdearenas. This beach with fine white sand is sheltered by dunes and the large pine forest in the area. During the hottest days people like to take advantage of the shade these trees provide! The beach is part of the Geological Park of the Costa Quebrada, meaning that it is a protected area because of the unique rock formations you can find there. Truly a unique setting to spend a day enjoying water sports, having fun with the family and watching one of its unforgettable sunsets!

Being a protected area, the beach does not offer any amenities apart from a car park near the beach access. A short drive will get you to any of the nearby villages if you want to grab a bit to eat or need to buy something you forgot! Playa Valdearenas and its dunes are a popular day trip destination for anyone staying in Santander, so don’t miss out on this unique beach!