Design Travel is Top Trend for 2019

Design travel is a big trend for 2019 as travellers look to explore the world's creative cities, culture and creators

From India to Thailand and South America, VIVID Travel recommends 2019’s top destinations and markets offering authentic interior design inspiration.

Whether you’re searching for artisanal woven rugs and tapestries in Peru, exploring India’s vast offerings of tribal art and silks or acquiring a hand-painted, Asian lantern in the heritage town of Hoi An, there is an option for all budding interior designers.


Located in the beautiful Sacred Valley lies Peru’s infamous market filled with vibrant colours, woven textiles and art, the Pisac market offers an opportunity to explore Peru’s handicrafts and design history. This market is great for tapestries, rugs and even clothing items such as alpaca sweaters. The market comes alive as villagers from the surrounding areas visit dressed in their traditional clothing. When ready to take a break from bargaining, travellers can indulge in the best of the freshly prepared Peruvian cuisine.

From here VIVID Travel suggests visiting the Awanacancha, an Andean textile centre focused on keeping Incan textile art alive. Here visitors are able to explore the museum showcasing traditional methods and ancient weaving techniques along with demonstrations from the local women.


Visiting the historic markets of Rajasthan is a captivating sensory experience. Whilst the smells of the spice stalls will lure visitors in, the main attractions for interior design seekers will be the endless selection of silk throws and traditional ethnic art. The Hathi Pol Bazar in Udaipur is a must visit destination known for its Rajasthani paintings. To further explore the skills behind this art form, VIVID Travel takes travellers to the little know town of Bagru which is located 30kms from Jaipur. Over 100 textile printing factories can be found in the town, it is famous for using natural and vegetable based dyes and supplying beautifully designed fabrics for local outlets and further afield in Europe and China.

Visitors will be taken through this delicate process of printing designs onto fine fabrics before being given the chance to have a go at their own piece, as a momento of their time in Rajasthan.


Once a major trading port, the heritage town of Hoi An is one of few in Vietnam to retain its old-world charm and appearance. The impressive hand-painted lanterns and beautifully crafted wooden bowls, vases and plates are the perfect purchases to integrate Asian flair into a Western home.

If a visitor is lucky enough to be passing through Hoi An during a full moon they can witness locals paying tribute to their ancestors by burning various fake items to bring prosperity and in the temples you’ll find monks holding candlelit rituals.