Can’t Travel This Summer? Get Transported Around the World With These Summer Activity Ideas

Kate Healy, founder of Virtually Together, has put together her favourite activities that will transport you to different places around the world.

Looking at the current travel restrictions, a carefree summer abroad still seems a long way off. From restricted countries, fluctuating flight times and a list of COVID-19 requirements still in place, many of us have delayed our summer plans until 2022. Although we can’t jet off with ease to our favourite beach destination, it doesn’t mean we can’t experience something exotic from the comfort of our home. Everyone deserves to have fun – this year more than ever – and what better way than planning an event that is guaranteed to go ahead.

In line with current restrictions, you can gather with friends and family to enjoy a virtual event together in your garden. That’s why Kate Healy, founder of Virtually Together, has put together her favourite activities that will transport you to different places around the world.

1. Around the World Wine Tasting

Although we can’t physically be at the captivating vineyards around the world, we can enjoy the flavours produced by them. Get your family and friends together for a virtual Wine Tasting experience where a sommelier will take you on a journey to experience international flavours and learn about different wine regions. Each individual will receive a wine kit which includes 6 x 100ml wines (2 red, 2 white, 1 rosé and a surprise), and then you will come together for the hosted event. Starting with wines that you know and love, before moving onto something quirky with unique samples from small Independent wineries from Lebanon, Greece and India, to name a few.

2. Vegas-style Casino Games

Who said you can’t still experience the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas this summer? Virtual Casino Games have the ability to entertain hundreds of guests in multiple breakout rooms with their own table and croupier. Each player will play against their table and at the end the whole group will reconvene to see who has won overall. You can play with up to 300 guests worldwide, which means you can still connect and interact with people from around the world safely. From Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Three Card Poker and more, enjoy evenings of healthy competition and hours of entertainment.

3. Sushi Making Workshop

Whilst we can’t explore ultramodern Tokyo or the ancient Samurai temples just yet, we can delve into the delicious sushi Japan offers. Learn how to cook sushi rice to perfection and then roll and fold Temaki (the classic open hand roll), Hosomak (traditional rice wrapped in nori) and Uramaki (otherwise known as the inside out roll). A professional sushi chef will host a 90 minute class, and guide you through every step to make enough sushi for two people. All ingredients are provided, and there are even vegan options available! Simply gather your closest friends and family and book in your slot.

4. Make your own Yoga Ashram


Yoga Ashrams can be traced to India over 5,000 years ago, making them a must-visit vacation spot on our bucket lists. However, unfortunately India has experienced one of the world’s worst Covid crises and is on the ‘red list’ of many countries. Yoga is a mindful activity that can be enjoyed anywhere around the world, and considered a meditation practice to improve upon. Develop your skills and relax after a stressful year by engaging with a professional yoga instructor online. In a 60 minute session with your friends and family, you can learn body stretches, techniques and movements to use on your post-Covid trip to India’s Ashrams.

5. Enjoy a live-streamed, global music event


Whilst concerts and nightclubs are still closed, restrictions are allowing groups of up to 30 outdoors. With Summer in full swing, it’s a perfect excuse to invite friends and family over for a garden party! Choose a live set from a pianist, saxophonist, singer or DJ, and put in a request for them to play your favourite songs around the world to dance the night away. Whilst you may miss the electric buzz of seeing your favourite musician live and singing in crowds, there is something very special about a live-streamed event from the comfort of your garden.

6. Host a Mexican Fiesta


Struggling to decide what to cook every night and want to try your hand at a new cuisine? Nothing says ‘fiesta’ more like vibrant decorations, margaritas and tasty Mexican food. Push the boat out one evening by enlisting the help of a private chef, who will teach you how to make spicy black bean tacos, guacamole, tangy salsa, pickled onions and a Mexican slaw from scratch. For just £70pp, with all the ingredients included, you can have a privately hosted workshop in your kitchen and throw your very own exclusive Mexican party.


7. Expand your taste buds with a Coffee Tasting Workshop


Whether you’re a coffee lover or a coffee novice you can learn all about the journey from farm to cup. For 60-90 minutes, gather your friends and family together for either a brewing or tasting masterclass, guided by a coffee expert. Learning what to look for when buying coffee, how to compare different textures, and how to perfect brewing techniques – you’ll soon be an expert! A coffee brewing and tasting workshop is a great chance to expand your taste buds and delve into the history behind each unique flavour from around the world.



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