Brexit Bucket List: Guide to Eating Around the EU

From brioche to Bratwurst, eat your way around the EU to beat the Brexit blues

The ‘Experience Economy’ is continuously growing with reports from Barclays showing consumer spending power shifting further away from ‘things’ in favour of more entertainment activities – an increase of 10.2 per cent last year.

WeSwap’s new and exclusive data reinforces this societal shift with more than 7.3 million Brits classing international travel as more of a life-priority than ever before, with a majority preferring to spend more money while away on tourist attractions and cultural activities like sampling some local’ cuisines rather than on luxury hotels.

For over 18 months the UK has been negotiating a Brexit deal and access to some of Europe’s finest food and drink exports depends on a smooth trade deal. WeSwap has unveiled the top destinations for consumers to enjoy European delicacies that we have our friends on the continent to thank for before it’s too late. Sample the best European cuisine from around the continent before it is less accessible.

WeSwap’s Top Ten Destinations:

  1. Waffles in Belgium
  2. Kremrole In Czech Republic
  3. Arancini in Italy
  4. Pierogi in Poland
  5. Goulash in Hungary
  6. Currywurst in Germany
  7. Potica in Slovenia
  8. Moussaka in Greece
  9. Halloumi in Cyprus
  10. Köttbullar in Sweden