Belfast Revealed as Third Most Adventurous City!

Findings from a new survey have revealed the most adventurous cities and regions across the UK with Londoners taking the top spot for the city, and Scots being crowned the most travelled region as one in 20 have visited more than 21 countries

Perhaps surprisingly, Belfast is revealed as the third most adventurous city after London and Bristol in the survey.

On The Go Tours commissioned research asking over 2,000 respondents from across the UK, asking how many countries people visited, how adventurous they were, and what activities they had taken part in.

London takes the top spot at the most adventurous city in the UK, with one in 20 Londoners admitting that they have an ‘extremely adventurous’ personality and 49 per cent stating they are ‘somewhat adventurous’. But, are they really as adventurous as they think?

To see if the city slickers were living up to their self proclaimed reputation, On The Go Tours team asked them what adventurous activities they’d taken part in, and the results didn’t disappoint.  The city has the most respondents having done bungee jumping (16 per cent), jet skiing (22 per cent), ATV driving (31 per cent) and a hot air balloon ride (19 per cent).

Londoners also admitted wanting to try, shark cage diving (33 per cent), white water rafting (42 per cent) and cliff jumping (27 per cent) alongside being the second highest respondents for skydiving (10 per cent), rock climbing (35 per cent), snowboarding (15 per cent) and climbing a mountain (29 per cent).

There’s more cities in the UK than just the capital though. These have been calculated taking into account how many countries and continents people have visited, activities they’ve completed and how the city dwellers perceive themselves when it comes to being adventurous.

It’s not just all about feeling adventurous, and taking part in adrenaline boosting activities though as the study reveals the top three most travelled regions. Scots win this title with one in 20 people visiting more than 21 countries in their lifetime so far, and in joint second place we have the South West and The East Of England, both with three per cent having visited over 21 countries.

Plymouth is also the most travelled city in England with one in 20 (five per cent) of residents having visited 21 or more countries, closely followed by Glasgow with 4.9 percent. For the least travelled city in the UK, Nottingham take this crown with less than one per cent having visited over 21 countries.

According to the survey findings, one in 10 women haven’t left the UK and have only visited on average, six countries in their lifetime so far.  But, how do women’s habits compare to their male counterparts?

The results of the survey show that, on average, men are more adventurous than women and have visited on average eight countries. On top of that, out of a list of 20 activities including skydiving, parasailing and bungee jumping, the men came out on top for 17 of the activities, with the women only conquering three.  The three activities that women conquer are ziplining, rock climbing and climbing a mountain.

On The Go Tours Head of Marketing, Hollie Youlden comments: “When it comes to being adventurous and taking part in activities, there are so many different places you can visit and things you can do, from the more relaxing, such as Hot Air Balloon Rides, to the more adrenaline fuelled such as bungee jumping or skydiving.

“It’s great to see our capital coming out on top as the most adventurous, really getting their teeth stuck into the vast amount of activities and opportunities that our available to us. However, as I’m sure our most well travelled region, Scotland, would agree, travelling and visiting other countries across the world gives you so much more than just the opportunity to take part in adventurous activities in beautiful locations.”