Become an Intrepid Explorer in Israel’s Undiscovered Regions

Scale the rocky Eilat Mountains, buggy across the undulating dunes of the Negev desert, or dive deep into the dazzling Red Sea, with an active escape to 2023’s hottest mid-haul destination, Israel

This year, visitors can discover Israel’s lesser-known regions on an activity inspired break, hiking the uncharted trails of the Eilat Mountains, deep sea diving and dolphin spotting in the Red Sea, or on a traditional guided tour of the Negev desert on the back of a camel.

Embark on a hiking expedition across the Eilat Mountains to Israel’s Red Canyon

Active adventurers can journey to Eilat’s Red Canyon, a series of red sandstone walls hidden within the Eilat mountains that have been carved by wind and water through the ages, and admire this geological wonder just twenty minutes north of Eilat. The Red Canyon formation has grown to fame because of the nature in which the light makes the sandstone glow a dark reddish colour. With trail difficulties covering all abilities, and the longest trail taking just 75 minutes to complete, the Red Canyon is extremely accessible. Whether visitors choose to hike or bike the trails of the Eilat Mountains, they offer some of the most stunning views of the Israeli desert, with views of Jordan and Egypt on a clear day.

Journey down the Jordan River on a white water raft

The Jordan River, flowing through northern Israel into the Sea of Galilee, is a real hotspot for white water rafting in the Middle East. Largely untouched, this vibrant waterway boasts a variety of lush vegetation and wildlife and is the perfect way to see an undiscovered part of this beautiful country. With no prior experience necessary, participants will be escorted by white water rafting veterans, on a 3-6 hour excursion of the river.

Be propelled into the Negev Desert on an ATV desert buggy, or on the back of a two-humped camel

The perfect activity for petrol heads and thrill seekers, ATV buggy tours in the depths of the Negev Desert are sure to get hearts racing. Participants are taken on a guided buggy tour by a local guide, with the aim to capture some of the best scenery on offer, or a glimpse of some of Negev’s unique wildlife, such as the Negev gazelle or striped hyena.  For those looking to explore the desert at a slightly slower pace, Negev camel ranches provide guided camel tours that hark back to the Nabataean period in which camels were used to transport spices and precious goods across the desert.

Learn to scuba dive in some of the warmest waters in the world, the Red Sea

The southern port of Eilat located on the Red Sea is frequently described as a diving paradise. Whether a complete beginner or a seasoned expert, the warm waters, clear visibility and marine life of the Red Sea makes this a spot worth visiting for any diving fan, marine explorer or sea lover. The Dolphin Reef, just off the Taba Road, is perfect for a day trip, offering visitors the chance to swim or snorkel with a group of friendly bottlenose dolphins. Also on offer are a variety of water sports and adventure activities, from snorkelling, parasailing and water skiing to kayaking and wind surfing. Close by, Eilat’s Coral Beach Nature Reserve is also home to a plethora of colourful fish and corals, with a number of lookouts over the reef as well as bridges from which to view the diverse marine life, perfect for those less confident in the water. 

Enter a world of archaeological discovery on walking tours of Israel’s National Parks

Israel’s vast expanses of open countryside are filled with national parks, bursting to the brim with undiscovered gems and archaeological discoveries. Tel Megiddo National Park, the site of the ancient city of Megiddo, gained its name as the place that historically guarded the ancient trade route between the lands of Egypt and Mesopotamia. As a World UNESCO heritage site, the protected site was gifted a new visitor centre in 2022, enhanced with cutting edge technology and displays of artefacts dating back to the Middle Bronze Age.  Other popular sites include the Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park, also known as the ‘land of a thousand caves’, boasting some of the most stunning rock formations in the world. With half-day guided walking tours of this mysterious maze of man-made tunnels, dotted with sites of biblical significance, visitors will pass areas of immense natural beauty and great historical meaning.

Take to the skies on a paraglider across Israel’s stunning landscapes  

Up, up, and away! Paragliders can choose from an adrenaline-fuelled journey across the jagged Eilat mountains, a calm glide across the expansive Red Sea or a site-spotting trip cross-country. On a tandem glider, alongside an experienced instructor, sensation seekers can take in Israel’s beautiful landscapes from an unmatched vantage point, the sky. Not only may visitors learn a new skill, but they will experience a trip filled with excitement and stunning memories of Israel.

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