Beautiful Bulgarian Beaches

Northern Ireland Travel News' CHELSEA COUSINS tells us why she will go back to the sun, sea and sand of beautiful Bulgaria...

Northern Ireland Travel News’ CHELSEA COUSINS tells us why she will go back to the sun, sea and sand of beautiful Bulgaria…

My ‘Travel Bucket List’ is an extensive one… On the lower end of that list was Bulgaria but as soon as my feet hit the tarmac in Bourges Airport I knew – I underestimated the beautiful cultural melting pot that is Bulgaria.

Straight off a Jet2 flight, myself and my partner where greeted with a smile and all the information we needed from our rep.
Booklet in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, we hoped onto our transfer and 40 minutes later Sveti Vlas was before us. Sveti Vlas was stunning looking through the window of our transfer, can you imagine my excitement to get off and out to explore!

In every sense of the term, I am a sun, sea and sand holidaymaker! I crave the heat, previously holidaying in Turkey where it is hot, hot, hot – Bulgaria did not disappoint.
Seeing ‘good tanning degrees’ was my requirement when booking this getaway. The price was right, the location was right, the weather was right so sign me up and take my money!
Staying in the Premier Fort Hotel, everything about it was fabulous! The staff where incredibly friendly, advising on sights to see and how to get around, they certainly earned there four star Jet2 and four and half star trip advisor reviews.

Completely child friendly with two waterslides (which is not only for kids, ask my boyfriend on that one), we enjoyed our stay and would definitely recommend, main reason being we never – not once – fought for a sunbed (that has to be a deciding factor now a days).

The seaside resort on the Black Sea coast, had a restaurant emerged in local tradition on every corner. As we strolled through the streets passing buildings that radiated with culture we knew, Bulgaria was a dream! I wanted to go everywhere and see everything.

We kick started this holiday with a stroll around Sveit Vlas. Choosing this town was an easy decision for us, not wanting the party style that Sunny beach was offering, Nessebar being just a bus journey away and the weather being lovely, there we were.

As a 23-year-old, not really a party animal but also loving a drink, a visit to Sunny Beach to settle my curiosity was on the cards.

Let’s say I was surprised by what I came across. Bulgaria itself is on the cheaper side, for everything. Specifically, in Sunny Beach, the price of food and drink is a massive attraction.

With bars consuming the strip for those who like both a quiet drink and a sesh , there is something for everyone! Having souvenir shops dotted everywhere, I was in my element, with a mug request from my mother (spoon included) and my tradition of buying a shot glass everywhere I visit – I was throwing my Lev at any shop keeper that would take it.

Sat front and centre in one of 100 beachside cafe in Sunny Beach, soaking in the sun, sipping a cocktail, working on my tan lines – beneath my sunglass and overly flamboyant hat, I decided on my third day in Bulgaria that I would most certainly be back!

Every night we spent our time enjoying local fresh food, the chilled vibes from the locals and a sense of utter relaxation that you could get nowhere else than a small town in Bulgaria. Being one of those ‘picky eaters’, I myself did not venture to a Bulgarian feast, unlike my boyfriend who tried a little bit of everything, giving me a review of every meal – he thoroughly enjoyed everything!

Although my experience with food may not have been infused with Bulgarian cultural, it was spoilt for choice with things that I would eat!

The beaches in Bulgaria are next to perfect, completely clean and absolutely stunning! In some areas you pay to use the sunbeds along the water like anywhere but there are sections you can throw a towel down and jobs a good one! At night-time, dinner along the marina is a delight! With the sparkling Black Sea spread before you, enjoying the bright twinkly lights along the coast was a delight!

Being a stress head, I need structure and plans to keep me in my lane so I did a little research before (as any sane person would, correct?). Every review screamed VISIT NESSERBAR – so off we set.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, Nessebar was not meant to be due to a somewhat hungover travel partner… With Nessebar being a cultural hub resting on cobble streets, one side of the city – a modern playground and the other an old town filled with local attractions, I can say for certain it is a town I need to experience first-hand.
So, Bulgaria I will be back. You have many wonders I didn’t get to see this time round but you will see me soon! Until next time.