Banish Winter Blues with the Firsts Product Proven to give you “The Holiday Feeling”

Brand-new Holiday Feeling in a Bottle product is enriched with essence of Mojito, Sea Salt & Tropical Palms, proven to evoke “the holiday feeling”

With the countdown on until most of us fly off on our next summer holiday, it’s no surprise that during the winter months we find ourselves reminiscing about our summer holidays and longing for that highly sought-after “holiday feeling”.

And with a huge 95% of us wishing we could make the elusive feeling last longer well beyond our holiday, TUI has developed a new first-to-market product to help combat the winter blues and evoke the elusive “holiday feeling”. Introducing: “The Holiday Feeling in a Bottle”.

The brand-new moisturising lotion from TUI has been developed to deliver a burst of “holiday feeling” for when we need it most! The moisturising lotion is enriched with essence of Mojito, Sea Salt and Tropical Palms – all of which were voted for by the nation as key “holiday feeling” triggers, proven to give the “holiday feeling”.

TUI’s research found the top 30 things that spark the “holiday feeling”, with the first sip of holiday cocktail, soaking up a picture-perfect view and swimming in the clear blue sea all making the list. The research also found that the positive feeling we experience whilst away is a short-lived one – with the average traveller losing the “holiday feeling” less than 4 days (3.7 days) after unpacking their bags.

Fronting the new “Holiday Feeling in a Bottle” product is entertainer and TV personality John Barrowman, who earlier this year took on a fab-u-lous new role for TUI, showing holidaymakers just what the holiday feeling is!

The exuberant star can be seen leisurely applying the lotion in a tongue-in-cheek video, captured on location at the TUI SENSATORI Resort in Punta Cana.

The limited edition “Holiday Feeling in a Bottle” product is available free of charge at select TUI UK & I Retail Stores or at where you can also watch the “fab-u-lous” film – #theholidayfeeling