Are You Over-Tipping?

British holidaymakers are failing to master local tipping etiquette, a study has found

A poll of 3,000 holiday-makers revealed the uncertainty many feel when away from home, which sees them over-tipping by £78 during the typical nine-day break.

More than one third admitted to lacking in confidence on how to tip abroad, with one quarter knowingly over-tipping.

In fact, more than one in 10 confessed to being confronted by a local because they made a tipping faux-pas.

Chris King, Travel Expert at which commissioned the research, said: “Heading on holiday should be a real highlight for everyone in need of a well-deserved break.

“However, it seems millions of Brits are frequently getting themselves tied up in currency conundrums and it’s costing them their sanity.

“We hope our latest fact-checking tool will help out Brits abroad so they can check out the do’s and don’ts before they jet off – saving their blushes in the process.”

To help tourists tackle the complexities of overseas tipping, has created a series of tools and guides to enlighten the travelling hoards and hopefully prevent people from overspending this year.

Researchers found the lack of financial know-how is putting a damper on time away, with four in 10 admitting it adds stress to their break.

And nearly one in five said being in the dark over tipping etiquette had a negative impact on their trip.

When looking at the worlds various tipping cultures, it’s no surprise paying the bill can cause havoc while on holiday.

Just 16 per cent of British tourists know a 10 per cent tip is expected for a taxi ride in South Africa, with a mere one in five aware it is common to round up a bar bill in Norway to the nearest 10.

Only 43 per cent were mindful of the fact you should be tipping a minimum of 15 per cent in an American bar, while just one in five knew you should show gratitude to a taxi driver in Argentina with a 10 per cent tip.

Less than three in 10 know tour guides in China rely on tip income, with an equal number aware you must tip a concierge at the beginning of a stay in Morocco to get the best service.