A Quarter Of Britons Have Never Been Abroad

New research has discovered that a quarter of Britons have never boarded a plane or ferry to go on holiday abroad, with top reasons as to why being that they 'can't afford it' and they are 'scared of flying'

What’s more, the study compared these numbers to other countries, finding that Britons are third most likely to have never been abroad, after Italy (32%) and Spain (37%).

A surprising amount of Britons have never ventured abroad for a holiday, a new study has found, with 26% revealing that this isn’t something they’ve experienced before. Furthermore, it was found that these participants instead choose to go to a British beach resort or holiday park.
The team behind accommodation comparison site https://hotelscan.com undertook the research as part of an ongoing study into Britons’ travelling habits. 2,502 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom revealed they currently live in the UK, were quizzed.

Firstly, all respondents were asked “Have you ever been abroad?” to which just under three quarters (74%) revealed that ‘yes’ they had. The remaining 26% admitted to researchers that they have not.

These participants were next questioned as to why they have not been abroad before. When provided with a list of possible answers and told to select all that applied, the following five responses topped the list:

  • I cannot afford to go abroad – 56%
  • I’m scared of flying – 43%
  • I have no one to go with – 37%
  • My parents never did and I have no interest either – 24%
  • I don’t like foreign food – 18%

When relevant respondents were asked what they did for holidays instead of going abroad, 37% said they went to British beach locations while a further 29% revealed they go to holiday parks. Just 12% choose to camp as their preferred holiday within the UK.

Wanting to compare Britons’ holidaying habits with other nationalities, 1,000 respondents from France, Italy, Spain and Germany (an even 25% split amongst the four countries) were asked whether they had been abroad before. It was uncovered that 37% of Spanish participants have never been abroad, followed by the Italians (32%), the Germans (15%) and the French (14%).

The research was carried out by hotelscan.com.