A Post-Corona Trip to Norway Can Boost You Mental Health

Here's why planning a future post-corona trip to the Oslo region with your friends can boost your mental health

It is no wonder you are in need of a health boost once this unpredictable time is over. That is why it might be a good idea to get on a girls’ getaway trip to gain health benefits while having fun, once the corona situation allows it.

It’s scientifically proven that travelling with your friends is actually good for your health, both mentally and physically. Studies show that spending quality time with good friends might extend your life expectancy, reduce the chances of heart disease and even increase our tolerance for pain.

That is a good reason to decide to bring your favourite girls with you on your next trip. And the best part – you can gain health benefits immediately just by planning.

It might seem a long way off before we can travel in freedom, but that does not mean you cannot start to dream and organise so you are prepared for when it might be possible to once again travel safely. It is a well-known fact that we postpone adventures and friends because daily tasks get in the way, but after months with less social enjoyment, maybe it’s more important now than ever to make time for your friends.

If you are in need of some “mental health boost” in advance, there is another scientific reason for you to already now start dreaming. Studies show there is reason to believe that looking ahead to your next adventure could also benefit your mental health. Even if you’re not sure when that adventure will be. So even though you cannot click the “Book Now” button immediately, it can already now be a great motivation just thinking about future plans for travelling.

Use your imagination and find a suitable destination like the Oslo region. Not only is Norway well known for having a lot of space, but the Oslo region is filled with activities for every personality. The city and its surroundings have something for everyone – a modern centre surrounded by beautiful nature. Imagine eating fantastic dishes by the fjord or having wind in your hair when riding in the mighty mountains with friends you do not normally see as much as you’d like.

Use science as an excuse when you sometime in the future gather the girls for a trip to Oslo. Here you will find lots of information on what you and your friends can share and experience in Oslo and the Oslo Region.

Travelling with your beloved friends sounds like a good idea to look forward to.

And Norway looks forward to seeing you again once this is over.

Travel might be complicated right now, but use inspiration from Visit Norway to plan ahead for your next adventures: Norway is the place to experience the magical northern lights and the midnight sun above the Arctic Circle; visit the world-famous fjords surrounded by spectacular mountains and glaciers; and in the midst of stunning scenery, enjoy gourmet food and culture in the cities of Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen and Tromsø.