5 Reasons Why Costa Del Sol is the Ideal Destination for Digital Nomads

New trends have emerged in the tourism sector in 2022 as a consequence of the new normality brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic

New trends have emerged in the tourism sector in 2022 as a consequence of the new normality brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these trends is the so-called digital nomads, remote workers who use the freedom of location to combine work and travel.
This is a trend that is here to stay, and that is why when it comes to facing the challenges that 2023 will bring for the tourism sector, it is important to know this type of traveller. Costa del Sol has identified the profile of European digital nomads, including the British, and also provides them with a varied offer of spaces, places and activities. From coliving buildings, to coworking spaces, to organisations that help travellers make Costa del Sol their new home, and not forgetting the wonderful cultural and leisure offer unique of the province.
5 reasons why Costa del Sol is the ideal destination for digital nomads
1) Málaga Workbay
Costa del Sol has created the organisation, Málaga Workbay, which was created to help all those people who are looking for a change of life, an experience that makes them enjoy working from a unique place like the Costa del Sol.
The aim of this organisation is to make the process of moving to Málaga easier for travellers, offering them different workspaces, providing them with information about the city, accommodation or anything else they may need, so that they can make Málaga their new and welcoming home.
2) Coliving in Málaga
The “Coliving in Málaga” project, created to provide amenities for digital nomads, plans to build 131 homes for sale and 46 non-tourist accommodations. The digital nomads who choose to settle in them will have common spaces such as large kitchens and coworking areas, among others.
As a result of Coliving in Málaga, digital nomads will be able to delve into Málaga’s culture, as they will be able to stay in the city for short periods of time during which they will be able to enjoy the city’s Easter Week, Carnival and a host of museums, among other leisure activities.
3) Perfect business destination
One of the great advantages of the Costa del Sol as a telecommuting destination is that it is a perfect place for business and networking. This is because more and more professionals are choosing to live here, and it is no coincidence that several major multinationals such as Google have chosen Málaga to open new offices.
Also, the capital is home to the logistics centre that currently houses 65 international R&D firms, known as the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. It is home to companies that contribute to economic growth and employment, that work in networks, and that collaborate with sustainable initiatives, through its 2030 agenda that focuses on this.
4) From one side to the other: easy mobility
The modern road network makes it easy to reach the Costa del Sol and travel to any point in the province, providing the digital nomad with accessibility throughout the Costa del Sol, as well as to other cities in Spain.
The province has many forms of transport to get around, from high speed trains to cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, to a large number of rental cars for those looking for something more private.
5) A complete cultural and leisure offer
Last but not least, the Costa del Sol is a destination that shines for being one of the few places in Europe with good weather all year round, but also its rich leisure offer with thousands of museums, theatres, and other activities, make this the ideal destination.
Its 40 exhibition centres in the capital alone, including the Picasso Museum, the Thyssen and the Centre Pompidou, make Málaga a unique cultural space. A history visible through its monuments and archaeological sites makes the Costa del Sol a truly extraordinary place. This destination is a perfect mix: night-time routes, themed activities and much more to have a great time. The province of Málaga is beach and nature, cosmopolitan cities, amazing inland landscapes and beautiful postcards of villages overlooking the sea.
In addition, the local gastronomy is rich in the most varied flavours, so food lovers will find themselves at their peak here. Restaurants, beachside chiringuitos, tapas bars, wine cellar tours where you can taste the best wines and Michelin-starred chefs are just some of the places that make up the great gastronomic offer of the Costa del Sol.
The profile of the British digital nomad
Digital nomads have different criteria and characteristics depending on their country and city of origin. In the case of the British, these are their most notable attributes:
· The average age of the British digital nomad is around 32 years old.
· The majority of digital nomads live in hotels (51%); with friends/family (41%); in Airbnb-type accommodation (36%); in a car/caravan/van (21%) and in hostels (16%).
· In general, UK digital nomads are in technology and digital-oriented jobs, such as developers, programmers, consultants, data processors or sales managers.
What factors of a destination are relevant to British digital nomads?
These travellers are motivated and consider certain factors when choosing a destination. These include: ease of entry and visas; the accessibility of ‘work from’ schemes that are easy to apply for; the availability of programmes that offer digital nomads the ability to search for destinations, find inspiration and book trips easily and reliably. In addition, British nomads are very interested in destinations with good temperatures, beaches, and where they can immerse themselves in new cultures.