24 Hours in Derry-Londonderry

We took to the city this month and sampled all that Derry-Londonderry has to offer for your holiday at home this year...

Derry-Londonderry, the only down fall of this city is having to say the name twice, two different ways… I’m glad I’m not on a word count limit!

The ancient city is the second largest in Northern Ireland, rich in history with plentiful tradition still lingering in the air, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the island of Ireland is still over flowing with hospitality within the city walls today.

When I gave myself the challenge of 24 hours in Derry-Londonderry, I had no idea that I could have happily ate and drank for 20 of them! What a great city spot for a bit of history, shopping, pubs, hotels… It’s all there! Here are our top ten thing to do in Derry-Londonderry…

Lunch in Badgers bar and Restaurant… This is the perfect spot for a bit of mid-shopping refreshments. Located just in the midst of the two biggest shopping centres, it’s the obvious spot to stop and grab a bite of delicious pub grub!
The menu is fab, choices for everyone and great veggie options too!

Badgers isn’t difficult to spot, The famous Derry Girls mural is painted on it’s gable wall… Head for the Mural and you’re there!

Badgers social distancing measures are in place, in one door, out the other, great for combating the Covid crisis, not so good if you’re highly superstitious, but we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, how much more bad luck can we get?!

Walking Tours… Derry – Londonderry is one of the only cities with the original walls in tact! You can walk the walls and pop down onto the shopping streets below if you spot something that takes your fancy. Walking tours are the best way to really get familiar with your surroundings. There are a range of tours to chose from, you can opt for a tour through the cities political history and visit the Bloody Sunday and bog side murals tour, or take a leap even further back oil history and book yourself a ‘Derrie Danders “Walk in the Footsteps of History” tour’ that takes you back to the vikings and brings you through history to the more recent times of trouble. If you prefer something a little less likely to land you back in Badgers, you can always join in with a ‘Derry Girls’ tour where you will be taken through the city and be shown sites that have been made famous through the show as you discover filming spots.

Whatever your agenda from your trip to Derry-Londonderry, bring your gutties, there’s a walk somewhere there for you! Check out Trip Advisor for your tour!

The Craft Village… The city is a dream for shoppers who love to explore a wee nook and cranny, so if something a little off the beaten track is up your cobbled lane, then check out The Craft Village!

This is a strange little Dickensian throwback for the days where mass production hadn’t killed off the artisans and the crafts men of the day. The Craft Village is a reconstruction of an 18th century square which is home to shops and eateries that are in keeping with the atmosphere. As you walk through into the main hub of the tiny village, you can smell the incense from a nearby shop with rocks and gems in the window, that is soon overtaken by the aroma of coffee emanating from the watch cottage… Time for a cuppa and a chocolate brownie!

This is the place to go to grab a few unusual gifts that you’ll not be able to find in Tesco… We even picked up some rather snazzy, handmade-floral face masks… I know how weird that sounds, ‘we treated ourselves to a new face mask!’ Welcome to 2020… The year we narrowly avoided the apocalypse!

Hit the town the the lights go down…
In a city that has held onto its traditional Irish charm, the nightlife doesn’t disappoint. The steep sloping Waterloo street isn’t lacking on the traditional pubs and bars, Guinness on tap, authentic decor and music that keeps your fit tapping all night.

Give that wee goat a drink! The Thirsty Goat is a great spot for a pink gin and ginger when the night creeps in. ON a good night, sit our in the rustic yard with the top down (as in, the roof), and sip your beverage listening a a live acoustic set around big wooden barrels.

I won’t lie, it’s different these days. We would usually sip down gin number one and then Jodie would get up and have a little two step sway to herself on the dance floor, but life isn’t what it was in 2019. You really have to commit to your bubble on a night out now, because there’s no sliding up to the next table for a yarn and a drink anymore – It was good to be out though and the staff were great.

The Black Bird… Now here’s a little gem… a mixture of modern feels with old-fashion roots, this is the place for a a bite to eat or to enjoy a few cocktails in the evening. The low panelled ceilings with ornate pillars, Woden tables and booths on a parquet floor are a what gives The Black Bird charm and authenticity. It’s great way to spend an evening surrounded by a cosy ambiance and one of our top spots!