Holidaymakers Finding it Difficult to Complain…

Half of people who made a complaint about their holiday in the last three years were left feeling disgruntled about the outcome, finds new research from consumer champion Which? Legal Service.

Experts from the legal telephone advice line found that one in 10 holidaymakers made a complaint about a trip in the last three years. Of these, a third found it difficult to complain while half felt fobbed off by the company or person they complained to.

Eight per cent even considered starting legal proceedings in order to get their complaint heard.

To coincide with National Complaints Day (tomorrow, August 13), Which? Legal Service has offered advice to people who have a problem with their holiday accommodation or resort.

Included in the advice given is to raise your problem as soon as possible with the holiday company’s rep, give them the chance to put things right, fill in a complaint form and take photographs and get the names and addresses of witnesses.

Write to your holiday company when you get home if the problems are not resolved satisfactorily when you are on holiday.

“Consider seeking legal help if you’re still not happy with the response. A lawyer can give you advice on taking your claim further, including how to send a ‘final letter before action’ or how to take your case to the small claims court or to arbitration if things aren’t resolved,” said a Which? Legal source.