Book USA Travel Now to Save Money

Anyone planning a holiday in the USA who knows when they want to go – and where they are going to – are being advised to book as soon as possible in order to save themselves money.

From September 8 the US authorities will start charging for the electronic visa entry requirement. And the fee, 14 USD (£9 at current exchange rates) means that an average family unit of two adults and two children will have to pay an extra 56 dollars. However, booking in the next three weeks or so can avoid having to pay the new fee.

The electronic visa was introduced in January 2009 and is a requirement for UK and other European visitors to the US. Consumer groups are advising prospective travellers to the US to apply now for their visa – before the charge comes into force.

Specialist US travel companies are not happy with the charge – which they regard as a tax on tourism – but some are relieved the fee was not more than 14 dollars. Some speculation had suggested that the fee for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) might have been as high as 20 dollars.