Sunday, November 19, 2017
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By NI Travel News’ Award-Winning Travel Writer JOHN TREW

I STARTED A TRADITION, two decades ago, to welcome in the new year by devoting my January edition of Trew’s Travels to a menu of tourism tips and trends garnished with my best old jokes.




Golden Boy Welcome To Amsterdam


I MET REMBRANDT in Amsterdam the other day. He was painted gold from the bows on his shoes to the top of his artist’s beret. From a distance,I thought he was really a gilded statue on a plinth in front of the RIJKSMUSEUM until I caught him winking at a girl tourist in a skimpy outfit; it was 23 degrees and his blood must have been boiling in the searing heat of the autumn sun. I put a generous donation in his cup and he rewarded me with a whispered remark: “If everyone who takes a selfie with me gave me a euro, I would be a millionaire in a week.”



Fly your kite on North Coast!

JOHN TREW enjoys freedom and fun in famous surroundings

SERENDIPITY is a lovely word. It means “Unplanned or chance events leading to unexpectedly happy or beneficial outcomes.” Well, that’s how Trew’s Dictionary of the Queen’s English defines it anyway.

We experienced serendipity during that recent sunny – and almost HOT -- spell which caused an amazingly early rush on BBQ fuel and bronzing oil. So, instead of spending a dull weekend traipsing around our local malls in a half-hearted search for £10 Dine-In Deals and 3 for 2 Geranium Offers, Karen and I both chorussed “Let’s go away” and spent Thursday night googling on our laptops for the best holiday-at-home deals. So that’s how we chose two hotels on the North Coast to enjoy what turned out to be our best spring weekend break in Ulster for ages, split between stays in Limavady and Coleraine while exploring the Causeway Coastal Route by car.



A Trewly unique milestone...!

By Award-winning travel writer JOHN TREW

THIS IS the 250th occasion upon which my Trew’s Travels meanderings have been published in Northern Ireland Travel News over the past two decades. As a teetotaller, I won’t be popping any bottles of Bollinger, but I have put two extra sugar cubes in my tea as I write this.



Why Art is the new rock ‘n roll!

Award-winning travel writer JOHN TREW visits some of his favourite places on the local art scene …

ART IS the new Rock ‘n Roll, we are told, and cultural tourism is the fastest growing sector of the global travel industry. It wasn’t always like that.

During the summer of 1959 when my school-friend Bob Sloan (now Ulster’s most distinguished sculptor) and I were teenage barmen in London, we often spent our long afternoon breaks in an nearly empty Tate Gallery. Now split across two sites in the capital, Tate Britain and Tate Modern have had more than 40million visitors since relaunch a few yearts ago and have generated an estimated £100million in tourism revenues. There are also brilliant regional off-shoots; I love Tate St Ive’s overlooking the surfing beach; and I look forward to ticking Tate Liverpool off my bucket list this year or next.



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